The MycoApply Certified logo is the gold standard of mycorrhizal certification, assuring the overall integrity of mycorrhizal ingredients for consumers and end-users throughout numerous markets and industries.

Products bearing the MycoApply Certified logo are certified to contain mycorrhizae fungus of scientifically proven and consistent quality. It further certifies that these mycorrhizal ingredient(s) are people and pet safe, ecologically sound and are appropriately effective with respect to the products’ intended use.

So, how can your products or applications become eligible to participate in the MycoApply Certified Program and display the MycoApply Certified logo?

Here's How:

Fill out and submit a MycoApply Certified Program Application. Be sure to list and provide complete information for each individual product (exclusive of sizes.)

Mycorrhizal Applications will review the application and you will be notified if your product(s) are eligible for participation in the Program. Mycorrhizal Applications reserves the sole right to grant or deny, based on its’ own assessment, the eligibility of any product for participation in the Program.

Upon notice, forward samples of the following for each eligible product you would like to include in the Program:

  • A 1 pound sample of the actual, finished product.
  • An actual package and label. In the case of pending products, package and label may be facsimiles. Submission of actual package and label are required as soon as they become available.
  • Any collateral-use instructions or directions not included with the package label.
  • A completed form (provided) stating which MycoApply product is included in the product and the rate at which it is included. Note: Eligibility for the Program is restricted to products in which any mycorrhizal component(s) are exclusively product(s) manufactured by Mycorrhizal Applications.

In order to ensure the integrity of the MycoApply Certified logo and Program, Mycorrhizal Applications will test each product as follows:

  • To confirm the mycorrhizal content:
    • For species claimed
    • For quantity claimed
  • To confirm efficacy when used as directed. The primary focus of this testing will be on mycorrhizal plant colonization and mycorrhizal contribution to the product’s efficacy. The testing will not necessarily be aimed at the overall efficacy of the product for its intended use. However, it will be expected that the product demonstrate reasonable performance for its primary, intended use(s).
  • Allow 3 - 4 weeks for completion of the testing process.

Upon completion of testing, applicant will be notified regarding the acceptance of each eligible product into the Program for renewal every 2 years.

A MycoApply Certified Program Application may be submitted again for non-accepted product(s) after 6 months.

A Certificate of Participation for each accepted product will be issued granting conditional use of the MycoApply Certified logo with the accepted product’s package label, support material, marketing and advertising for a period of 2 years (participation period.) All uses of the MycoApply Certified logo will require Mycorrhizal Applications approval. Unauthorized use of the MycoApply Certified logo may result in product disqualification.

Issuance of Certificate of Participation for product(s) requires the participant to include the MycoApply Certified logo on the Certified product’s label or package within a reasonable period after issuance. Failure to comply with this condition may result in product disqualification.

Product Certification implies that the Program participant assures the consistency of quality and properties in the Certified product(s) as determined by testing throughout the participation period. Mycorrhizal Applications reserves the right to re-test Certified product(s) randomly from independent sources such as market samples anytime during the Certification period.

Significant deviation from the results of the original Certification tests or from the originally submitted package label and /or collateral-use instructions / directions during the Certification period may result in product disqualification.

Issuance of the Certificate further grants the participant the following Program Support Benefits during the qualification period:

  • Mycorrhizal technical support
  • Assistance with application directions, rates, expiration dates, propagule counts, etc.
  • Access to mycorrhizal-related research, science and studies.
  • Access to training / education for clients, staff, and client customers.

Participants will receive priority access to new technology, and new mycorrhizal species and developments:

  • Internet - MycoApply Certified Website
    • Certified Products are listed
    • The product certification requirements (testing, overall product review, etc…) are described here, reinforcing the credibility and meaning of the MycoApply Inside logo for both consumers and professional end-users
    • Contains basic but important information about mycorrhizae and how to use them
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Display ad(s) ad in consumer and industry magazines placed by Mycorrhizal Applications describing and highlighting the MycoApply Certified logo and Certification Program.
  • Electronic MycoApply Certified advertising artwork and copy available for participants.
  • Banner explaining MycoApply Certified with the benefits for trade shows available on request
  • A computerized shelf talker template with the MycoApply Certified logo and 2 - 3 bullet points to which you can add your own logo and product information.
  • A DVD containing photos, research studies and articles for reprint.
  • DVD videos:
    • Mycorrhizal Applications produced “The Secret Beneath Your Feet”
    • Mycorrhizae segment from the The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” program: “The Future of Fertilizer.”